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SFAE participated in the 2009 Guangzhou German beer. At least 2 (3) sets of equipment from small range to large range are required to verify the digital push-pull meter, pull pressure sensor and dynamometer in the usual work. The wine festival "Siemens night"

in mid September, hosted by the German Consulate, the annual German Beer Festival was held in Guangzhou Jinhan Exhibition Center. As the main sponsor of this event, Siemens China Co., Ltd. held a special beer festival on the 17th, which is called "Siemens night", which mainly includes: upper and lower limit position shutdown test, sample breaking shutdown test, and overload automatic shutdown test. SFAE also participated in the event as a member of Siemens industrial automation and drive technology group (IA DT). At the same time, taking this opportunity, we also invited some major customers to celebrate the "night of Siemens' US auxiliary machine order market value of US $101million in the fourth quarter of 2013"

as a part of Sino German cultural exchanges, the German beer festival attracts a large number of curious participants and foreign friends living in China every year. At the beer festival, Mr. Nong Keqiang, vice president of Siemens China and manager of southern region, first delivered a speech, and Mr. Xia Weizhong, manager of IA DT southern region, also delivered a speech. The gathering of beer and snacks with German characteristics is undoubtedly the theme of the event. Every once in a while, all participants also sang German toast songs with the German band and drank. With the passion of the host, the atmosphere of the beer festival was warm, with all kinds of wonderful games and lottery activities interspersed

the atmosphere of the whole beer festival was warm, which not only made colleagues enjoy themselves, but also enhanced the friendship with customers

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