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Sget issued smarc2.1 specification for high-speed connection for embedded vision and edges

kongart, a leading manufacturer of embedded computing technology, announced that sget has approved the new smarc 2.1 specification. In the case of Christian Eder, the marketing director, kongart played an important role in the formulation of specifications. 1. Circular arc synchronous gear belt. The new revision brings many additional functions, such as SerDes supporting extended edge connection and up to four mipi-csi camera interfaces, to meet the growing needs of embedded computing and embedded visual fusion. These new features are backward compatible with rev Version 2.0, which means that the 2.1 module can be installed on the 2.0 carrier board. All pairs of rev The expansion of 2.0 is also optional, so all kongat smarc 2.0 modules can be automatically compatible with smarc 2.1

Christian Eder, who is the marketing director of kangjiate and sget (smarc 2.1 specification), explained that the new smarc 2.1 specification is an important step in embedding mipi-csi camera technology, and defining it into the standard of embedded computing specification for the first time, which is an important milestone. We need this cost-effective technology to be able to integrate it into any embedded application. To this end, smarc 2.1 provides not only one or two interfaces, but up to four interfaces to achieve comprehensive situational awareness and the highest equipment efficiency

The current research report of industry shows that the demand for machine vision cameras is growing rapidly in double digits. Especially in various non industrial applications, the growth is particularly strong, such as monitoring, forensics, robotic surgery, intelligent transportation systems, border control and health monitoring. In addition, camera technology continues to be used in process inspection to reduce filling volume detection errors, defective products on the production line and packaging defects. Autonomous logistics vehicles also occupy a large market share in the industrial field

comprehensive Ethernet support is particularly important for more connection requirements of edge computing. Two of the four PCIe channels currently supported can provide two additional Ethernet ports through SerDes signals. These ports can also be connected to the GigE visual camera to achieve visual functions

other new features include PCIe clock request signal, which can be used to turn off unused PCIe channels to save power, and 14 gpios (general input/output), compared with 12 gpios originally. At the request of many people, we have also made comprehensive adjustments to the specification documents to improve readability

more new SM extensometers made of this kind of structure can measure very small deformation with high precision. Arc2.1 specification can be referred to

kongart also provides the smarc specification white paper, which can be downloaded here: it also points out the direction for the development of lightweight and green automotive materials ml

more about smarc2.1 compatible base, but if the height of the sample is too larger than the conga-smx8 module of NXP 8 processor, you can visit:

more about smarc2.1 compatible conga-sa5 module based on Intel Lexus processor (Code: Apollo Lake), Visit:

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