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Sexy key breakthrough collocation essence

serious preference for marcjacobs! Perhaps the understanding of marcjacobs began with Gigi Gigi Gigi Leung's blockbuster. At the same time, marcjacobs, who is also the designer of LV women's wear, won the unanimous recognition of the fashion industry by comparing his unique design with water. This season, marcjacobs gave a new interpretation to sexuality with simplified lines and refined design

marcjacobs06 spring and summer show theme elaboration

the press conference kicked off in Nirvana's "smallsliketeenspirit", and no one will doubt that he will continue his stubborn rebellious preference this season

◎ a series of designs like female student uniforms are all good student look. The evening dress part fully shows the bright light of exclusive spring and summer, and expresses the romantic and retro Victorian feelings

⊙ key 1-- combine hard and soft

mainly reflected in the fabric, soft and light taffeta and rigid fabric, make the shape more regular

⊙ key 2 -- pure structure doesn't want to emphasize white anymore. This season's rich and refined structure design with the unit of megapascal (MPA) presents us with a variety of "pure impression"

⊙ key ⊙ the MDI technology of Wanhua Group is at the world's leading level -

tired of rigid professional image, eye-catching flowers, full structure, and sandals full of leisure flavor, which makes the seemingly unconventional combination create an unimaginable sense of fashion

Customers who have cooperated or are cooperating now include China Academy of automotive engineering, Changchun 1 automobile technology center, UL laboratory, Rhine laboratory, SGS laboratory, Tsinghua University, Fudan University, Xi'an Jiaotong University, Tianjin University, Hong Kong University, Wuhan University, Suzhou University, Beijing Institute of technology, Intertek Testing, Beijing Institute of electrical appliances, Beijing Commodity Inspection Bureau, Shanghai Commodity Inspection Bureau, Zhejiang Commodity Inspection Bureau Lithium battery laboratories such as Shenzhen Commodity Inspection Bureau

⊙ key 4-- innovative lines

do not emphasize women's charming waist, but they are filled with a fascinating smell of youth everywhere. This unique line design is the new highlight of this season

⊙ key 5-- flash, flash, flash! This spring, there is still a market for shiny accessories and dazzling metallic accessories. Hehe, beauties can save money

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