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At present, the use rate of air suspension on high-speed passenger cars in developed countries has been close to 100%, and the popularity rate on medium and heavy trucks and trailers has also exceeded 88%. Air suspension has become a standard equipment. In China, with the improvement of people's requirements for ride comfort, air suspension is gradually entering the field of traditional steel plate and coil spring with its unique performance and adaptability

I. The passenger car air suspension market is in a good situation

according to the regulations of the Ministry of transport on the classification and rating of operating passenger cars, since January 1, 2007, large-scale high-class passenger cars and medium-sized high-class passenger cars should also use air suspension, which has brought huge business opportunities to China's air suspension market. It is estimated that in 2007, the angle output of large and medium-sized passenger cars in China reduced to about 115000 (including incomplete passenger cars), of which the assembly volume of air suspension reached 21100 sets. The assembly rate of air suspension for large and medium-sized passenger cars in China also increased from 8% in 2005 to 18.4% in 2007. In the next three years, with the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, the 2010 Shanghai WorldExpo and the Guangzhou Asian Games successively held, the demand for air suspension in China's bus market will further increase

however, bus air suspension manufacturers should also have a sense of anxiety while they are happy. Many bus manufacturers, including Suzhou Jinlong, have begun to develop air suspension by themselves, and Zhengzhou Yutong is the first to complete the self supply of air suspension. Once the vehicle factory has mature air suspension design and production technology, it will undoubtedly have a great impact on professional air suspension suppliers. Therefore, actively exploring overseas markets is the guarantee for the long-term survival of suppliers

II. The future of the truck air suspension market is uncertain

compared with the passenger car air suspension market with strong development momentum, the truck air suspension market is much colder. Truck air suspension lifting bridge has been controversial since its birth in China. With the proliferation of "fake suspension bridges" and the illegal operation of a large number of truck users, some provinces and cities successively launched a series of policies to restrict the promotion of air suspension bridges in the second half of 2007, making the already depressed truck air suspension market even worse, realizing man-machine interaction and completing the data exchange with lower computers. It is understood that truck manufacturers such as FAW and BAIC Foton also failed to respond, hoarding a lot of unassembled air suspension products

naturally, truck air suspension manufacturers have been greatly affected, and the sales of Qingdao founder machinery, the leading manufacturer of truck air suspension, has dropped significantly. The main bus air suspension suppliers represented by Shanghai Koman and China highway vehicle machinery have also stopped their production of suspension bridges. The truck air suspension project invested by some enterprises in 2007 had to be suspended to see the change due to the impact of the policy. Until now, the government has not issued relevant documents to clarify the positioning of the air suspension lifting axle. For 2008, most manufacturing enterprises choose a wait-and-see attitude

olway consulting believes that the tightening of the truck air suspension market is a temporary phenomenon. With the development of high-grade highways and the increase of traffic volume in China, as well as the higher requirements of vehicle owners for vehicle handling stability, smoothness and safety, the increase of heavy vehicle traffic volume and the further deepening of research and understanding of pavement damage mechanism, the government's attention to high-speed highway maintenance will further expand the use of air suspension in the heavy vehicle market. Whether in terms of passenger and freight transport demand or in terms of technical development when commercial vehicles find abnormal conditions in power lines and power plugs, air suspension represents China's future vehicle development technology. It can be predicted that the demand for air suspension in China's commercial vehicle market will be explosive

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