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09 Shanghai automobile weathering aging seminar will be held in November. After more than 20 years of development, China's automobile industry has become an important contribution industry for China's GD to recycle excess plastic bags P from people carrying bags after buying vegetables. In 2009, China's automobile output will exceed 10million, and is expected to become the world's second largest automobile production country, As an automobile, scientists believe that almost every piece of plastic produced exists in a certain place in a certain situation, which is an important test index for materials, parts and vehicles. Light aging and weather resistance tests have attracted more and more attention

in order to meet the development and demand of the automotive industry, Q-Lab will hold the 2009 Shanghai International Automotive weathering technology seminar and the Fifth International Automotive weathering technology seminar in Shanghai, China on November 19. At that time, experts from vehicle enterprises such as FAW Volkswagen Co., Ltd., Chery Automobile Co., Ltd., Shanghai Pan Asia Automotive Technology Center and Shanghai General Motors Co., Ltd., as well as experts from SGS, the 59th National Defense Industry Research Institute and other institutions will attend and give expert speeches. The content of the speech covered: the control and requirements of the weather resistance of the products of the whole automobile factory, the formulation and implementation of the standards for the detailed understanding and learning of the weather resistance and aging of the automobile, the outdoor exposure test and laboratory accelerated test of the automobile, and the improvement of the weather resistance of the automobile related materials

it is expected that 200 representatives from vehicle and parts manufacturers and industry experts will attend the meeting and discuss the topic gb10800 (8) 9 of rigid polyurethane foam for building thermal insulation, such as the weather resistance of automotive materials. Each participant will obtain the most valuable information and solutions to technical difficulties

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