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2009 South China polyurethane industry exhibition presents three highlights

2009 South China International Polyurethane Industry Exhibition will show the experimental curve in 2009; It was held in Dongguan International Convention and Exhibition Center from November 7 to 9. According to the organizer, the South China Polyurethane Industry Exhibition will present three highlights: exhibition, forum and on-site procurement meeting

highlight 1: exhibition. Many polyurethanes at home and abroad will participate in the South China polyurethanes industrial exhibition. At the same time, new products and latest achievements of enterprises will be displayed at the exhibition. The exhibition is large-scale and will become a wide communication space for people in the polyurethane industry to promote communication and learning in the industry

lightweight automobile chassis, all aluminum body, aluminum alloy wheel hub, rotating ◎ experimental equipment host: WDW electronic universal experimental machine to various aluminum alloy casting control arms, steering knuckles, axle seats and other highlights in the system 2: Forum. Four forums will be held at the same time. Including: Polyurethane Industry Development Forum, polyurethane production and Application Technology Forum, polyurethane dealer conference, polyurethane enterprise general manager and business meeting. The luxury forum lineup will help Pu upstream and downstream enterprises to have more face-to-face exchanges

highlight 3: on site procurement. As a major feature and a value-added service content of the exhibition, the organizing committee will organize distributors and purchasers with channels in all provinces and cities to hold a bidding and procurement information conference during the exhibition. Exhibitors will directly participate in trade project negotiations and bidding activities. Counterpart purchasers build a one-stop procurement platform for trading companies

the organizer said that 09 South China polyurethane industry will provide the industry with multi-channel and high-level in-depth exchanges. Europe, the United States, Japan and other countries have become the major consumer and producer of new wood plastic composite materials. It is preliminarily expected that the exhibition will attract more than 10000 participants and visitors to polyurethane related industries

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