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1.6 million tons! Jilin Petrochemical started the plan to build ABS production bases in Jilin and Guangdong

1.6 million tons! Jilin Petrochemical starts the plan to build ABS production bases in Jilin and Guangdong September 29, 2019 recently, it was learned from the science and technology planning and Development Office of Jilin Petrochemical Company that Jilin Petrochemical has started the plan to build a 400000 ton/year ABS unit, which has been included in the PetroChina high quality development plan for refining and chemical business. The curtain was officially opened on the construction of 1.6 million ton ABS production bases in Jilin and Guangdong, and the goal of the first national production capacity and the best quality was strived forward

to meet the requirements of the national supply side structural reform and take the transformation and upgrading of PetroChina refining and chemical business as an opportunity to thoroughly implement the overall requirements of the industrial layout planning, Jilin Petrochemical, relying on the existing three sets of ABS devices of acid resistant brick gb/t8488 ⑵ 001, has expanded outward and inward, accelerated the strategic layout of the two industrial bases in Guangdong and Jilin, and focused on strengthening, optimizing and expanding the ABS industry of Jilin Petrochemical, Write a new chapter of high-quality development in the new era

Jilin Petrochemical Company has three sets of ABS units with a total capacity of 600000 tons/year. In recent years, relying on CNPC ABS Technology Center, supported by scientific and technological innovation, guided by market demand, and based on user satisfaction, the company has made great efforts to tackle key problems in the integration of production, marketing and research. As a result, ABS product quality upgrading, technological progress, pollution reduction, sales channel expansion and service capacity have been greatly improved. The ABS industry has emerged as an old enterprise to actively respond to market changes and take the initiative to meet competitive challenges The road of high-quality development to fully meet the requirements of users

at present, Jilin Petrochemical has owned a complete set of ABS technologies with independent intellectual property rights. Its core process technology has reached the international advanced level, and its product quality has reached the domestic first-class level. It has become an important supplier of high-end white household appliances, and its product structure has realized diversification, differentiation and high-end. It can be seen from the synthetic resin plant of Jilin Petrochemical Company that 10 new ABS products, such as white household electrical materials, spraying coatings, electroplating materials and high flow materials, are being continuously loaded and delivered from the factory. The cadres and employees of Jihua ABS plant carry forward the "petroleum spirit" and adhere to the cultural positioning of "famous brand and brand creation", forming a "Heaven climbing" culture with "innovation, responsibility and dedication" as the core and a core value system with "being the best ABS in China" as the vision goal, which has become an endogenous driving force to promote the high-quality development of the ABS industry

in order to give full play to Jilin Petrochemical's ABS technology, talents, management, culture and other advantages, as well as Guangdong petrochemical's raw materials, market and recent location advantages, CNPC entrusted Guangdong Jieyang 600000 T/a ABS construction project to Jilin Petrochemical. Tian Yuan, head of the science, technology and planning development division of Jilin Petrochemical Company, said: "Jilin Petrochemical's independent intellectual property production technology is adopted for the ABS Project in Jieyang, Guangdong Province, and the ABS production management experience and scientific research and development achievements of the company over the past 20 years have been fully absorbed. The feasibility study report of the project was approved by PetroChina in november2018. At present, the basic design review has been completed." It is understood that after the project is completed and put into operation in 2022, the total ABS production capacity of Jilin Petrochemical will reach 1.2 million tons/year. The advantages of technology, R & D, management, market, region and human resources of Jilin Petrochemical ABS industry will become more prominent. The industrial competitiveness will show that the abnormality of the dissolution activity rate meter system is a significant improvement caused by the changes in the laboratory

in order to further increase the application field of ABS products, improve the industry integration and consider the macro environmental competitiveness, PetroChina will build a 400000 T/a ABS unit in Jilin Petrochemical Company by taking the transformation and upgrading of refining and chemical business as an opportunity. The new device will mainly produce special materials and customized products, focusing on the blank area of existing device products such as automobiles. The project is planned to be completed and put into operation in 2022. It has been listed in PetroChina's "high quality development plan for refining and chemical business" and passed the deliberation of the PetroChina Party leading group meeting

Tian Yuan finally introduced that at that time, a grand blueprint of an ABS device with a total capacity of 1.6 million tons in Jilin base and 600000 tons in Guangdong base will become a reality. Jilin Petrochemical's ABS capacity will rank first in China and top three in the world. Jilin Petrochemical's ABS will move towards the grand goal of first capacity and best quality

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