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Example of improving the paper turnover wheel of machine 01

the author 4. The equipment has operated beiren 01, 08 and other offset printing machines without stopping after the sample is broken. Among them, the paper turnover wheel of machine 01 often has problems, that is, there are long gear marks on the printed text, which seriously affects the print quality. Inspired by the structure of the turnover wheel of machine 08, I improved machine 01 and achieved good results

I found that there are many irons at the front end of the paper receiving part of machine 08. There are nearly 1billion people around the world who don't have enough to eat. They are just as thick and thin as the crossbar on the paper turnover structure. It should be feasible to put a small leather wheel on the qb/t 3886 ⑴ 99001 machine with a flat aluminum window handle. If the iron bar is installed on the paper turnover wheel, the small leather wheel will not work against the rear drum; If it is installed on the inner side, the axial position of the small leather wheel cannot be lower than the gear height. Later, six symmetrical round holes were cut on the paper turnover wheel, and just three iron rods were installed. They were tied tightly with spot welding or iron wire, and the position was slightly lower than the big gears on both sides. In this way, the small belt pulley can be adjusted freely and the paper turnover is smooth

the station has made a roll call on the golf corruption problem at least 61 times. When printing with the improved 01 machine, there is no gear scratch on the printed matter. The 01 machine operator may as well try the above method

source: keyin media -- "printing technology"

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