Improve the level of agricultural machinery and eq

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Improve the level of agricultural machinery and equipment, promote domestic demand

first, increase subsidies for purchasing machinery, and vigorously develop advanced and adaptive agricultural machinery. Actively strive for more subsidies for the purchase of agricultural machinery, and strive to expand the proportion of subsidies for large, duplex and multi-function machinery, so as to further optimize the structure of agricultural machinery and equipment in the city, significantly improve the level of agricultural mechanization, and significantly enhance the comprehensive agricultural production capacity. Consolidate and improve the mechanization of grain production, focusing on improving the level of machine harvesting of corn and mechanized conservation tillage; Actively promote the mechanization of cash crops, focusing on improving the mechanized harvest level of peanuts and potatoes. According to the current strong demand for nursery stock and flower machinery, animal husbandry machinery and aquatic fishery machinery in rural areas, we should further improve the subsidy catalogue and subsidy standards, so that more farmers can get tangible benefits. At the same time, we will continue to expand the scope and intensity of subsidies for supporting machines and tools in agricultural parks, and effectively make machine purchase subsidies, a policy of supporting agriculture and benefiting agriculture, widely covered and effective

the second is to strengthen the role of policy guidance and promote the process of corn machine harvest and conservation tillage. Give full play to the guiding role of the purchase subsidy policy, and focus on increasing subsidies for protective tillage machinery such as corn combine harvesters, no till planters, straw crushing and returning machines; Enterprises and individuals that have made remarkable achievements in updating, transforming and innovating protective tillage machines and tools such as corn harvesting, no tillage, fertilization and sowing will be given certain financial support and rewards, and efforts will be made to improve the comprehensive utilization rate of machinery and economic benefits. At the same time, we will actively strive to obtain the special direct subsidy fund for conservation tillage in Qingdao when the current density is 0.1a/g, so as to directly benefit farmers participating in conservation tillage, and accelerate the promotion and popularization of the mechanization of conservation tillage in the city

third, hold heavyweight summits, lectures on policies and regulations, press conferences on new technologies and products, procurement and supply docking conferences and other activities at the same time, actively support the development of Agricultural Machinery Cooperatives, and expand and strengthen the agricultural machinery service industry. Taking advantage of the new opportunity of land circulation, we should further strengthen the policy support for agricultural machinery professional cooperatives, and give more preference to Agricultural Machinery Cooperatives in the implementation of the purchase subsidy policy, the arrangement of projects, the implementation of supporting funds, the "no name" series of credit guarantees, the reduction and exemption of taxes and fees, and adopt a combination of awards instead of subsidies, the investment of machines and tools, and financial subsidies to constantly expand the development space of Agricultural Machinery Cooperatives, Strive to expand the development scale of Agricultural Machinery Cooperatives and effectively expand and strengthen the agricultural machinery service industry. At the same time, encourage and guide them to play an active role in the promotion of agricultural machinery science and technology, safe production management, land circulation and large-scale land management, and accelerate the sound and rapid development of modern agriculture and new rural construction in the city

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