Imported film is proposed to be used for floor gla

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The tensile side below the neutral surface of the sample of the enterprise bidding plot extends along the length of the ground glass window. It is proposed to use imported film

after two bidding, bid evaluation and expert field visits, the safety hidden danger remediation project of continuous self explosion of the ground glass window in Yu'an Longdu plot, which has attracted much attention, has been invited, and the dust has settled. Hubei Lexus Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. won the bid, and Chongqing Tianhe glass company undertook the processing project. All double-layer laminated tempered glass will adopt imported laminated film. On the afternoon of the 26th, the second bidding coordination meeting was held. Under the supervision of the rectification Office of the municipal government, five first-class construction and installation enterprises and two second-class construction enterprises inside and outside the city competed. The bidding adopts the general contracting method, and the seven bidding enterprises all propose to use imported film, among which four enterprises, including the bid winning enterprises, have committed to the warranty period of 5 years or more. If it breaks after the expiration of the warranty period, it shall be maintained for the owner for life at the cost price. After a number of bids were made for the original glass manufacturers, tempered glass processing partners, project duration, warranty period, quotation, etc., experts, owner representatives, and developers ranked the top three on site. Then, the expert on-site inspection link is added to inspect the top three bidding enterprises and partners one by one. Yesterday, Chongqing FRP blocks were placed on the first end of a lever. Huang Zhihui, a senior engineer of the association, Jiang Yuanwu, and the head of the quality supervision station of construction projects in Yubei District, the owner's representative and the developer's representative went to Jiulong Industrial Park and Banan to make a field visit to the two glass processing enterprises. Finally, the expert group and the owner's representative made a joint decision: Hubei Lingzhi Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd. won the bid to contract the project, which saved more opportunities for surgical options. Qingtianhe glass company undertook the processing of tempered laminated glass

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