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Improvement method of intake system of diesel generator set

with the shortage of electricity in summer, power restriction measures have led to some hardware manufacturers having to use diesel generator sets as backup power supply, otherwise it will affect the order production of enterprises. Therefore, diesel generator sets are selling well in China. Compared with the same period last year, the sales volume has increased by nearly 40%, but the foreign trade export has not changed much compared with the same period. This is because when the gap between the left and right of the connecting parts of domestic diesel is greater than 0.5mm, the generator is in urgent need of attention from relevant export enterprises in China. There are still some technical barriers, especially the pollution problem of diesel generator sets, which need to be broken, In order to increase foreign trade exports

at present, industrial production all over the world is advocating green and sustainable development. However, the pollution produced by generator sets in the process of use has to attract our attention. Diesel generator sets will produce a large number of pollutants in the process of use, which will seriously affect human health in low temperature areas. Therefore, reducing the pollution of generator sets has become an important research work. How can we break this technical barrier? Based on years of research, the most commonly used methods for diesel generator set manufacturers are fuel water mixing and intake system improvement

I. fuel water mixing method

fuel water mixing methods include intake pipe spray and emulsified diesel oil. The main function of intake pipe spray is to absorb heat and dilute fuel density. When a small amount of water enters the combustion chamber and atomizes well, the oil droplets are broken into smaller oil droplets due to the "micro explosion" of water vapor, which promotes the formation and combustion of the mixture During the combustion process, due to the endothermic effect of water, the maximum combustion temperature can be reduced. For example, the mixture of water and oil injected into each polyurethane backing plate can reduce the fuel density, further reduce the maximum combustion temperature, and thus reduce NOx emissions. It should be noted that the water storage tank needs to be antifreezed in winter, and the water spray volume is required to be automatically adjusted according to the load

the so-called emulsified diesel oil is to add water to the diesel oil. Due to its "emblem explosion" effect, the fuel atomization is good, the well promotes the air in the combustion chamber to form a strong turbulence, the distribution of fuel and air is more uniform, and the generated soot is reduced The water gas reaction of steam also reduces soot emission. In addition, emulsified diesel oil can reduce the maximum combustion temperature, so the generation of NOx is reduced

II. Intake system improvement methods

there are two main methods to improve the intake system:

1) the use of multi valve technology can expand the total flow cross-sectional area of intake and exhaust valves, increase the charging coefficient, and the injector can be vertically arranged on the cylinder axis, which is conducive to the uniform distribution of fuel in the combustion chamber space, greatly improve the formation of mixture and combustion conditions, and make the heat release law more reasonable, The emission of NOx and CO in the exhaust emission sensitivity decreased, and the soot also decreased significantly under heavy load

2) adopt variable swirl intake system

due to the great influence of intake swirl intensity on NOx emission, adopt variable swirl intake system to control swirl intensity according to the change of speed and load, which can reduce no without sacrificing economy. Generation amount of

the improved intake system can control the amount of air entering, effectively reduce the air pollution after combustion, and reduce the pollution to the environment to a certain extent

the excellent performance of diesel generator sets is unparalleled, but the pollution to the environment also needs to be paid attention to. In addition to adopting the above two ways to improve diesel generator sets, manufacturers can actively promote the export of generator sets, thereby improving the efficiency of production enterprises

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