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Improper use of glass glue is prone to hidden dangers

when decorating, there are few places where glass glue is used, but its quality and performance cannot be ignored. There are not a few families that have suffered losses due to poor quality or improper use of glass glue after decoration. Here is a reminder

glass adhesives can be used in different ways

in fact, glass adhesives commonly used in home decoration are divided into two types according to their properties: neutral glass adhesives and acid glass adhesives. Because many people do not understand the properties of glass glue, it is easy to use neutral glass glue and acid glass glue in the opposite direction. A person who has been engaged in glass glue sales for a long time told me that this is the biggest problem in the use of glass glue in home decoration at present. Customers often say "two bottles" without saying the purpose. In fact, there is a big gap between them

glass glue is generally used in home decoration: the dumb mouth on the back of the wooden line, sanitary ware, toilet, vanity mirror in the bathroom, the gap between the wash basin and the wall, etc. glass glue with different properties should be used in these places. The adhesive force of neutral glass is relatively weak, which is generally used in other places that do not need a strong adhesive force, such as the back of the bathroom mirror. Neutral glass glue is used more in home decoration, mainly because it will not corrode objects, while acid glass glue is generally used at the dumb mouth on the back of the wood line, with strong adhesion. Scientists have developed prefabricated perforated plastic tiles with high practicability

pay attention to mold prevention when using glass glue

there is another very important point when using glass glue: be sure to prevent mold. For example, many glass adhesives are used in toilets, which are inherently damp and prone to mildew, so glass adhesives must be mold proof. Generally, it will be stated on the glass glue bottle that you must see it. In addition, some glass adhesives with poor quality have no such function at all, so you must recognize them when you buy them

it's important to buy glass glue for its cheap quality.

at present, the quality of glass glue in the market is mixed. A relatively simple way is to judge its quality through brand and price. When purchasing, try to choose brand glass adhesives, which are guaranteed in quality, especially in the packaging of these brand glass adhesives, there will be detailed product instructions for buyers to distinguish performance

in terms of price, each bottle of household glass glue is generally about 78 yuan, and better glass glue is about 30 yuan. However, there are also two or three yuan per bottle in the market. The quality of glass glue at such a price can be imagined, so buyers should not try to be cheap when choosing

choose the glass glue according to the instructions

the instructions on the glass glue packaging must be seen. Sometimes the products of the same brand will be divided into series and grades, and there will be notes on the instructions, such as grade 5 and grade 7, which will correspond to a certain range and category of use. At present, there is no unified standard for this industry in China, but there will be a unified standard for glass adhesive of foreign brands. For example, sanitary ware should use grade 7 glass adhesive

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