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Cn Youyan Technology Group Co., Ltd. will also bring a variety of semi-solid formed aluminum alloy auto parts y

the paper cutting and positioning improved structure of the paper cutting machine includes a platform, which is equipped with a guide rail, a chute is set at the bottom recess of a certain position rod end that can be inserted into the guide rail and make the positioning rod slide along the guide rail, and a certain position groove is set at the side wall edge recess at the transverse position of the guide rail, A locating rib is set at the convex part of the inner wall edge of one end of the sliding groove of the locating rod, which corresponds to the locating groove of the guide rail. The locating rod makes a horizontal buckle slip with the locating rib and the locating groove of the guide rail. The latch body is pivoted at the front edge of the head end of the locating rod, and can be turned into the sliding groove. "Yan Jian said to fix the guide rail. This improved positioning structure can avoid falling off during positioning, ensure the smoothness of adjustment and sliding, and ensure that the positioning rod is flat on the paper cutting platform, so that the paper has a good and stable butting and alignment effect

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