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Qilu introduces new PE insulation sleeve recently, the new insulation material factory of Qilu Petrochemical life management department introduced a kind of polyethylene prefabricated insulation sleeve that can be overhead or directly buried, opening up a new space for anti-corrosion insulation materials

in the fields of petrochemical industry, water conveyance, heating, industrial refrigeration, etc., most of the traditional anti-corrosion and thermal insulation measures use asbestos and ash as the inner layer to establish the national new materials industry development expert advisory committee slag or polyurethane. Its biggest advantage is that it has strong power and other materials. The outer layer uses asbestos cloth for anti-corrosion and thermal insulation, and the effect is not ideal. Compared with the traditional direct buried thermal insulation materials, this new type of polyethylene thermal insulation casing introduced by Qilu Petrochemical has the characteristics of strong machinery and can help each other to contact buyers to collect stolen goods, good sealing performance, strong corrosion resistance, low heat loss, long service life, etc. The polyethylene outer sleeve is made of high-density polyethylene. The diameter, length and other model indicators of the product can be adjusted according to the needs of users; The construction and installation of the project shall be carried out by the thermal insulation material factory. The steel pipe to be protected against corrosion and thermal insulation shall be sleeved in the polyethylene casing, and polyurethane foam shall be injected in the middle to make it fill the gap between the steel pipe and the polyethylene casing, and finally make the steel pipe, casing and thermal insulation layer form a solid whole. Achieve the effect of anti-corrosion and heat preservation; This anti-corrosion and thermal insulation method can be overhead or buried underground, and the whole construction process is carried out on site

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