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Qimoyun customer service has laid out the consumer credit industry and helped 360 to create a word-of-mouth service for debit notes. As a new means of payment, consumer credit is rapidly penetrating into personal consumption. According to iResearch consulting, consumer credit accounted for only 3.6% of residents' consumption expenditure in 2008. With the people's knowledge and recognition of consumer credit, the proportion of consumer credit continued to rise linearly, and it is expected to reach about 18% in 2016, gradually approaching the level of the United States

as the first personal consumer credit product under 360 financial group, 360 IOU saw the huge increase in the market and entered the consumer credit market ahead of time. With its technical and service advantages, it has gained the reputation and trust of 1million users, quite a dark horse in the consumer credit industry

in the consumer credit market with a large number of giants, what advantages does 360 IOU have to break through quickly? What is the inextricable connection between its remarkable differentiated services and the customer service of Ronglian Qimo cloud

big data technology improves the risk control system, 360 ious competition barriers are initially built

in financial credit business, establishing a perfect risk control system is a long-term topic. Since its launch, 360 debit note has given full play to the big data gene of 360 group, improved and upgraded the risk control system with technology in view of the practical pain points of current financial credit risk control, so as to achieve high-quality risk control of financial credit business

on the one hand, 360 IOU can get faster development through mutual cooperation. It can establish user portraits through security technology and big data technology, access the credit reporting system of the central bank, and grant each user the corresponding loan limit through easy decomposition of big data. On the other hand, 360 debit note enables biometric technology. When registering 360 debit note, users must complete intelligent face recognition from three angles. By intelligently recognizing facial information and matching the user with the ID card, the proportion of identity theft borrowing is reduced, which is a very powerful measure to crack down on identity impersonation borrowing

through the in-depth application of big data technology, 360 IOU has laid a solid business foundation in the consumer credit industry, quickly emerged among many giants, and gained the trust of a large number of high-quality customers

join hands with Qimo cloud customer service to deeply integrate artificial intelligence and services

with the fierce competition in Internet lending, users' demands for lending services are more differentiated and diversified. How to deeply tap user service demands in combination with new Internet technologies has become a difficult problem for the development of the Internet lending industry, which is basically more than 1 ton

personalized and humane service strategies are the breakthrough for Internet lending companies to establish service reputation. When users have problems with the money lending service, they need not only professional guidance on the lending service, but also a reassuring emotion to limit the problem of peak dimensionality. 360 debit note chooses to join hands with qimoyun customer service to improve the quality and efficiency of customer service

with the omni channel capability of Qimo cloud's customer service, the customer service staff of 360 can process the debit note on the same cloud platform, whether the customer is through the station, app, microblog or consultation, and quickly identify the customer's identity through the connection between Qimo cloud's customer service CRM and its own customer management system, so as to solve the customer's questions and improve customer service satisfaction according to the customer consultation history

more importantly, qimoyun customer service has a powerful artificial intelligence robot, which can help 360 to solve a large number of repeated inquiries and improve customer service efficiency. Combined with the complete knowledge base system of 360 debit note, when the user initiates a consultation, the robot customer service can automatically recognize the question and quickly give an answer, and the speech recognition accuracy reaches 90%. The perfect combination of intelligent robot and artificial customer service greatly reduces the workload of artificial customer service and improves the speed and quality of customer response

excellent products are the basis for 360 IOUs to break through the siege. The deep integration of artificial intelligence and services is undoubtedly a great innovation of 360 ious in the credit industry. Through the cooperation with qimoyun customer service, the customer satisfaction of 360 debit note has been continuously improved, and a good customer reputation has been built

Ronglian Qimo is a leading SaaS cloud customer service provider in China, helping enterprises quickly deploy online customer service centers and optimize enterprise service processes. At present, Ronglian qimoyun customer service has served 9000+ enterprises, accumulating 150000 seats. Industry benchmark enterprises such as Tujia, Lago, impression note and Shouqi car Hailing are using the high-quality services brought by qimoyun customer service

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