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Quanzhou enterprises go all out to return to work and reach production capacity release date: Source: Quanzhou Evening News in order to comprehensively promote the return to work and reach production capacity in the normalization of epidemic prevention and control, many enterprises and employees in our city work together to overcome the difficulties: some enterprises look for backup supply chains, start full production, and complete a large number of orders handed over by customers; Some enterprises timely adjust their development plans, develop new products and expand the domestic market; Some employees of the enterprise voluntarily proposed to reduce the salary of the company's controlling shareholder Dongfang Hengtai and its relevant shareholders who signed the letter of intent on cooperation in February this year, so as to tide over the difficulties with the enterprise

Jumin machinery adjusts its product structure to expand its domestic market

"we are studying how to further expand the mainland market, expand foreign markets less affected by the epidemic, and reduce the impact of the epidemic on enterprises." Huang, deputy general manager of Fujian Jumin Machinery Co., Ltd., used the abundant bamboo resources of nature to prepare a new natural environmental protection material "bamboo fiber", said Dayuan

Jumin machinery, located in the Taiwan investment zone, is a Taiwan funded enterprise specializing in the production of shoe-making machinery. Its products sell well in the mainland and are exported to South Korea, Vietnam, Indonesia, Brazil, Mexico, Peru, Turkey, South Africa and other countries. Its customers include Nike, Anta, Li Ning and other sports brand enterprises. The company resumed work on February 12, and all employees have returned to their posts. In the factory workshop, we saw that the workers wore masks for orderly production. Some were adjusting the CNC machine, and some were operating and checking the equipment

"now the production and operation of the enterprise are normal. However, with the spread of the epidemic in the world, some foreign customers are affected and begin to reduce production, and our orders for shoemaking machinery will also be greatly affected." Huangdayuan said that in response to the epidemic, the mainland has launched a series of policies to support the development of enterprises, reducing the burden on enterprises

in terms of the total orders of Jumin machinery, the orders in the mainland market and overseas market account for about 50% respectively. At present, the situation of epidemic prevention and control in the mainland continues to improve, and the domestic production and living order accelerates to recover, so the orders are relatively stable. How to mitigate the impact of the reduction of foreign orders caused by the epidemic is 5 The upgrading and expansion of main products are currently the key issues to be considered by the company. In this regard, the company proposed to adjust the product structure, change the current situation of only making high-end shoe-making machinery, and take measures such as localization of some accessories and development of middle and low-end shoe-making machinery, such as developing slipper making machinery for the African market, so as to meet the needs of different customer groups and further expand the domestic and foreign markets

the output of customer orders transferred by Maiwei technology increased instead of decreased

recently, I saw in the packaging area of Fujian Maiwei Communication Technology Co., Ltd. in Quanzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone that some packaged products were neatly stacked and ready to be delivered to customers. As one of the first batch of enterprises to return to work in our city, more than 100 employees of Maiwei technology have returned to work

in order to enable the enterprise to resume production as soon as possible, Chen Xing, the general manager of the company, took precautions against a rainy day, did a good job in employee health tracking management, and prepared epidemic prevention materials in advance: most of the employees are local to Quanzhou, so the return rate after returning to work is very high. At present, all production lines have been fully operational

Maiwei technology is a high-tech enterprise. How does the epidemic affect orders? Chen Xing told us, "our orders have increased rather than decreased, because before, the enterprise focused on research and development and produced products in small quantities. After the outbreak, our largest customer's factory in Wuhan could not resume normal work, so they handed over a large number of orders to us, so the company is going all out to complete the orders."

although orders have increased, the asynchronous start-up of upstream and downstream supply chain has brought some troubles to Maiwei technology. Chen Xing gave an example: "for example, if we produce a repeater equipment, we cannot complete the product without a screw during installation. However, the screw suppliers can not keep up with the output because of the impact of the epidemic. Our original production plan has been disrupted. When the materials are used up, the workers will rest. As soon as the materials arrive, the workers will have to work overtime." To solve the problem of insufficient supply in the upstream of the supply chain, Maiwei technology actively sought backup suppliers and firmly controlled the product quality against the cost pressure and delivery deadline risk

"during the epidemic period, the upstream and downstream of the supply chain and the circulation of goods were somewhat affected. However, we believe that we can overcome the difficulties together and survive is a victory." Said Chen Xing

the employees of Shanhua ceramics took the initiative to reduce their salaries to help the development of the enterprise.

affected by the epidemic, many foreign trade ceramic enterprises are facing difficulties. Dehua Shanhua Ceramics Co., Ltd. has received support and encouragement from employees in the difficult situation. They either take the initiative to ask for a pay cut, or propose to postpone the payment of wages. Some employees even lend money to the enterprise to overcome the difficulties with the enterprise

Shanhua ceramic enterprise is an old enterprise established for more than 30 years, focusing on the field of ceramic color adding. Its products sell well in China and many countries and regions in Southeast Asia. In the middle of February, with the help of the local government, Shanhua ceramics promptly formulated an emergency plan for resumption of work, organized and completed equipment commissioning, raw material sorting, epidemic prevention material storage, etc., and more than 110 employees of the company returned to work

Since March, the epidemic situation abroad has spread rapidly. Affected by the epidemic, the company's orders were greatly discounted. Yanlishan, the director of the office of the company, introduced that the traditional Buddhist porcelain carvings produced by the company are pure handmade works, and the production cycle of each piece takes three months. Therefore, some products were prepared before the year. "In previous years, the work was resumed on the eighth and ninth days of the first month, but there were few orders this year, and there was a large backlog of goods. In addition, the company built new plants and expanded production scale before the year, which led to difficulties in capital turnover."

the company is facing difficulties. Many employees take the initiative to ask for a pay cut to help the enterprise tide over the difficulties in the way they can. Yanhuiqing from the finance department even planned to lend her savings to the company: "I have been touched by the company's humanized management and the care and growth of employees. As a financial officer of the company, I am well aware of the difficulties of the company, and I do my best." Xucaihua, a veteran employee, has worked in the development department for 17 years, witnessing the growth and expansion of the company. "I can pay back more money to the company every month, or delay the payment of my salary." Xucaihua said that when she was in the most difficult time, the company lent her a sum of money to make up the down payment for the house purchase. She was willing to overcome the difficulties with the company with her own meagre efforts

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