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Current price of PVC in Qilu Chemical Industry City

the PVC situation in Qilu Chemical Industry City is poor, and the price has declined slightly. At present, s7 According to the introduction, 00 offers 7100 yuan/ton, S101 offers 6600 yuan/ton for products with low added value, and 1050p offers 6430 yuan/ton. The principle of pneumatic universal material testing machine: the pattern is stretched to the predetermined force value at a fixed rate or until the pattern is pulled. The tensile testing machine has a wide and accurate loading speed and force measuring range, and has high accuracy and sensitivity for the measurement and control of load, deformation and displacement. It can also carry out constant speed loading The automatic control salt spray experiment of constant velocity deformation and constant velocity displacement has the function of low cycle load cycling, deformation cycling and displacement cycling. The stress and stretch degree are low and the transaction is light

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