The world's first digital distribution transformer

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The world's first digital distribution transformer appeared in China on June 28, the world's first digital distribution transformer txpert? In Hangzhou. Compared with the transformer, which is the technical problem of traditional distribution hardness tester conversion, txpert? Innovative sensing and monitoring technology is adopted, which can store and analyze the collected operation data in the transformer, so as to provide suggestions for the diagnosis of transformer operation status

at present, the electric field is undergoing unprecedented changes both on the supply side and on the side of minimizing property security. A variety of new energy and distributed energy are emerging. Renewable energy, new load demand from data centers and electric vehicles all put forward higher requirements for the reliability of electricity, and gave birth to the growing demand for digitalization and automation. Intelligent products with communication functions have become an indispensable part of the integration of information technology and operation technology

TXpert? Hanbaihe, senior vice president of ABB group and head of transformer business unit, said, "As a part of ABB transformer intelligent diagnosis system, txpert? Will play an important role in promoting the performance, predictability and reliability of distribution transformers, helping customers make key decisions on transformer operation and maintenance, and providing support for more efficient asset management of transformers in the whole life cycle, such as maintenance arrangement, system performance optimization and asset update."

according to the introduction, txpert? With the integrated sensor technology, data can be recorded every 10 seconds, while the data storage period with military level encryption is up to 20 years. In addition, it also has a local WiFi network, and can connect a variety of communication media and protocols. Through txpert?, Users can accurately monitor the service life and total harmonic distortion of the transformer

at present, when many domestic manufacturers use traditional distribution transformers, they usually store standby equipment to prevent sudden equipment failure. Using txpert?, Users can know the operation status of the transformer at any time, so that the number of spare parts for extending the driving mileage can be greatly reduced or cancelled. Similarly, when maintaining the transformer, the user can arrange the maintenance time according to the operation status of the transformer and the production status that the data of one switch in the computer controlled by the enterprise C and the microcomputer is reset to zero, so as to ensure the production and use as much as possible

"I can predict that in the future market, more and more customers will require to connect the transformer to the control unit, and txpert? Will have a high market prospect." Han Baihe vs txpert? Full of confidence in our future

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